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A Visit to Remember

In 2020, we packed up all of our belongings and sold our beautiful and comfortable home in Loudoun County in search of something more than the cookie cutter life that we had built with our four children. We moved to the Hampton Roads area. After a job layoff and surviving COVID-19, we decided to work in our passion and start Buttercups Home. Even though we have experienced many challenges in life, what we remember most is the feeling of togetherness, love, and creativity that we fostered through it all. We are still living, failing, succeeding, and growing this dream that God has afforded us to build. 


Buttercups Home is not just a bed and breakfast or a home, but a way of experiencing and living the best of life in your home. Even though you will see our home wherever we go, we pray that each of you will be inspired by our home and bring that experience with you to create the life you want to live.

- Brandon, Tiffany, Joshua, Anna, Zoey & Ava


Farm to Table Garden


Southern Wrap Around Porch


Peaceful 4 Acres

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